Below are User Guides and Quick Reference Guides for telephone and voicemail services:

Mitel Clearspan Communicator (Mobile and Soft Phones)

Mobile App

IOS (Apple)


Softphone App



CLEARspan Anywhere

Clearspan Anywhere allows you to make and receive calls from any location without use of the mobile application.

Mitel Clearspan (VoIP) Desk Phones

6863i Desk Phone

6867i Desk Phone

Mitel Expansion Module

Voicemail System

Password Reset

There are two different passwords on the VoIP system: 

  • Clearspan (VoIP) Communicator that you use to adjust your settings and voicemail. 
  • Both provide for self-service password reset. 
  • Instructions for each type of password reset are listed below.

To order any telephone services or to report a problem or outage, contact the Support Desk at 312-567-3375 or