Foremost Travel: Booking Travel Through Concur

Foremost Travel is Illinois Tech's preferred supplier for booking travel. Through Foremost Travel, university students, faculty, and staff have access to the Concur Online Booking Tool which allows travel to be paid for using a university FOAP. All approved university travel should be booked through Concur.

Foremost Travel
Concur Online Booking Tool

Concur Access and Training

Students, faculty and staff interested in gaining access to Concur need to complete Concur Online Training through Canvas and complete the training assessment (test). Full instructions for how to access and complete Concur training can be found at the link below.

Once training is complete and the form has been submitted, users can request an account via the Concur Registration Link. Please note that when completing the registration request, a user's name should be entered as it appears on their travel document. Once the registration request is approved, users should complete their Concur profile before beginning to book travel. 

In summary the steps to gain access to Concur are the following:

1. Complete Concur Online Training

2. Complete the Training Assessment (test)

3. Request a Concur Account

4. Log in to Concur and complete your Profile

5. Begin booking Travel

Facilitating Payment for Flights, Hotels and Rental Cars

When booked through Foremost Travel or Concur, all flights are charged to a central payment method. You will be required to provide a FOAP during the booking process so that these charges are applied to your department. 

All domestic hotels are paid for using a Conferma ghost card. The card is automatically sent to the hotel when a booking is made. Occasionally the hotel does not receive the card, or overlooks it. We recommend that all travelers download the Conferma Pay app which will give them access to the Conferma payment method which can be provided to the hotel if they overlook the initial communication. Hotels may also require a separate credit card for incidental charges during a traveler's stay. For incidentals only, a travel should provide a PCard or personal credit card. 

International hotels do not accept the Conferma ghost card. While these reservations should still be made through Concur, travelers will need to provide a PCard or personal credit card (and seek reimbursement) for payment. 

Rental Cars
Only full-time faculty and staff are permitted to rent vehicles for university business. When picking up a rental car, travelers will need to provide either a PCard or personal credit card (and seek reimbursement) for payment. If a traveler is picking up multiple vehicles, they can pay for them using the same payment method, however, they will need to add a second driver to one of the vehicles and bring the second driver with them for vehicle pickup so that both vehicles can be driven off the lot. 

Note - all drivers must undergo an MVR Check with the General Counsel's Office before they can rent a vehicle for university business. This allows the driver to be covered under the university's insurance policy and have access to roadside assistance while using a rental vehicle. 

Changing Reservations or Booking Complex Trips

The Procurement Services team can assist in resetting your Concur password or updating your Concur profile. However, if you need to change a reservation, cancel a trip, add a segment, or book a complex trip with multiple connections or complete a group reservation, you will need to reach out to Foremost Travel directly. Foremost Travel's contact information is available on the Concur home page under company notes and below. 

Business Hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CDT. However, the number below can be contacted at any time and someone will be able to assist. 
Phone: 800-225-7185

University Travel Under the Mission-driven Spending Guidelines

Under the University Mission-driven Spending Guidelines, university travel is not permitted unless it is to support essential university functions.

If you have any questions on what travel is considered mission-driven or how to gain access to Concur, please reach out to the Procurement Specialist.