Campaign Priorities to Enable Our Strategic Goals

With an emphasis on student growth and success, our most urgent needs for funding from our campaign are the building or renovation of residence halls. With McCormick Student Village approaching its practical end of life, we need to maintain or increase our bed count for new enrollments. Currently, we are renovating Bailey Hall (the future Kacek Hall); the next logical steps would be a renovation of Cunningham Hall and renovations to Carman or Gunsaulus halls to facilitate our growth. These improvements should also help us improve the yield of admitted students by presenting a more attractive student environment.

We also need to think carefully about how to upgrade the student experience indoors during our winter months. The Keating Sports Center is also nearing the end of its life and either dramatically upgrading/renovating Keating, or identifying other buildings for many of the functions in Keating, is essential.

A third area of facilities investment is a serious examination of the student experience in our teaching and research laboratories. Upgrading these to represent the latest in pedagogy and safety is critical.

As we grow our student body, with a continued commitment to students from modest means, increasing our endowment for scholarships is another important investment opportunity.

Finally, as we strive to become a leading university in our educational and research programs, we need to continue to invest in faculty chairs and endowments.