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Career Conversations is a collection of blog posts and presentations on career-related topics by business and career education professionals.

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CMC Programming and Employer Engagement Creates Opportunities for Students

Shahzad Hussain

By Shahzad Hussain, Senior Associate Director, Stuart Career Management Center

By building strategic partnerships with employers and business professionals and engaging them on a regular basis, the Stuart Career Management Center (CMC) creates career development opportunities for students that lead to career success stories. Read the blog post

How to Send the Right Message in Your Professional Emails

Helen Ezenwa

By Helen Ezenwa, Assistant Dean for External Relations and Career Management, Stuart School of Business

How do you present yourself in your emails? Getting the right message across, especially to potential employers, is crucial in your professional correspondence. These tips and links to more advice and examples can help you set the right tone before you hit “send.” Read the blog post

The Power of Referrals

Eric Hernandez

By Eric Hernandez, Customer Success Manager, CareerBuilder

How can you navigate your application through a company’s applicant tracking system so your resume is read by a human? Here's advice from an industry veteran on creative ways to use the power of referrals to have your application seen by the right people in your job search. Read the blog post

Navigating Your Way Through an Employer’s Applicant Tracking System

Eric Hernandez

By Eric Hernandez, Customer Success Manager, CareerBuilder

The biggest barrier to overcome in a job search may be to navigate your application through an organization’s applicant tracking system so your resume is read by a human. Here are tips from an insider on how to increase your chances of making it past these online job search hurdles. Read the blog post

Tips for Success at a Virtual Career Fair

Shahzad Hussain

By Shahzad Hussain, Senior Associate Director, Stuart Career Management Center

Career service offices have  come up with novel ideas of ways to deliver programming that will ensure continuity and student success, including offering virtual career fairs. This article and links to additional resources will give you advice on how to prepare so you can confidently meet with company representatives in a virtual format. Read the blog post

Creating a Positive Future after the Pandemic

Marian Cook

Webinar by Marian Cook, Solutions Principal, Slalom Consulting

This pandemic is considered a “black swan” event: very rare and very high impact. Black swans can change the trajectory of governments, economies, and businesses. Learn about the implications and opportunities for innovation with this black swan event. Watch the webinar

Virtual Interviews: New Standard in Recruiting

Tiffany White Stuart School of Business CMC

By Tiffany White, Career Advisor, Stuart Career Management Center

Virtual interviews are becoming more popular and commonplace for employers, especially now during the pandemic. This post provides an overview of the types of virtual interviews, tips for preparing for one, links to more resources, and an invitation for Stuart students to practice with a mock virtual interview. Read the blog post

Recipe for Success Is Not Hard Work

Cindy Ivanac Lillig

By Cindy Ivanac-Lillig, Director of Media Relations, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

While we may be taught that hard work and “good” choices will lead to happiness and success, the true secret our own success is very personal. How can you recognize and pursue that which brings you joy, challenges you, and creates connections with others—and thus find your own success? Read the blog post

What’s Driving You?

Matthew Scharpf

By Matthew Scharpf, Vice President: Fixed Income Funding, Financing and Clearing Sales, Americas, Eurex

Are you “in gear” to work effectively and efficiently in a team or organization? In this post, Matthew Scharpf writes about adapting to change and some questions that he asks when evaluating his own professional performance. Read the blog post

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