Illinois Institute of Technology has a tuition installment plan for which students can enroll themselves through their student portal. The current installment plan setup fee is $35.



  • Payment 1 due: April 30, 2024
  • Payment 2 due: May 30, 2024

*Missed payment due upon sign-up*

Instructions for Installment Plan Enrollment

You may enroll your semester’s balance into the installment plan through your student portal by clicking the Manage My Account app.

Manage My Account app

Please review your account balance prior to enrolling in the installment plan. Your entire account balance minus any authorized aid will automatically be enrolled in the installment plan. If you do not have authorized financial aid, you should reach out to The Office of Financial Aid to confirm you have completed all necessary requirements. 

*Registration holds are placed on all tuition accounts with balances before registration opens for the future term, including the installment plan until paid in full.