A Business Storyteller with Cutting-Edge Tech Skills

Throughout his career as a consultant and now as lead data scientist at Chamberlain Group, Jack An has used his expertise in machine learning, deep learning, and business strategy to help businesses transform into artificial intelligence-powered organizations, which enables them to succeed in today’s competitive global business environment.

With his dual master’s degrees from Stuart School of Business, An also brings knowledge of business operations and strategic marketing to the table that complements his first-rate data science skills.

“The M.B.A. classes taught me to think at a high level, which not only benefited me academically, but also helped me see my whole life on a bigger level,” he says. “In marketing analytics, I really liked the Predictive Analytics course, and so I chose AI and machine learning for my career.”

With support from Stuart’s Career Management Center, An honed his resume, prepared for interviews, networked, and landed an internship at digital marketing agency Mabbly, where he had the opportunity to apply the skills he was learning in the classroom. 

“Stuart offers a unique degree,” says An. “It combines business and technology seamlessly. Stuart’s program helps students prepare to be a good business storyteller with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technology.”

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