Outside Scholarships and Scholarship Resources

Illinois Tech is committed to helping students secure additional funding from outside sources. We regularly add outside scholarships to our Scholarship Opportunities spreadsheet, which can be accessed through the Scholarship Channel on the myIIT portal.

Scholarship Resources

Many major scholarship search engines are available to students. The list below includes some of the most popular scholarship search engines.

Payment Plans
Illinois Tech offers tuition deferral and installment payment plans. If your employer offers a tuition reimbursement plan, you may be able to apply for a deferred payment plan that will allow you to delay payment until you have received reimbursement from your employer. You must submit an application and fee and a letter from your employer in order to participate. Illinois Tech also offers installment payment plans for full- and part-time students. For further information, please visit the Student Accounting Office website or contact that office directly at bursar@iit.edu or 312.567.3785.

On-Campus Jobs
Illinois Tech’s Student Employment Office maintains an online database of on-campus jobs. If you are admitted to Illinois Tech, you can create a Handshake account to search for open positions after you arrive on campus and check in during orientation.

International students should be aware that there are restrictions on the types of employment they may accept while in the United States on a student visa. Please contact Illinois Tech's Office of Global Services at global@iit.edu or 312.567.3680 for additional information.

Private Loans
When selecting a private loan, consider using FASTChoice, a compilation of lenders who are selected by our staff because of their friendly lending practices. Once a student selects a lender, the student will need to apply for the loan itself. If the student is approved for a loan, the lender will contact Illinois Tech requesting we certify the loan. Upon certification of the loan, the student will receive an email within 24 hours. The loan will disburse to your account within three weeks of certification (presuming class is in session) assuming no additional information is required by the lender or the Office of Financial Aid.