Transferology is a free self-service you can use to explore how courses transfer to Illinois Tech. The Transferology network provides thousands of transfer course equivalencies for courses offered at community colleges and four-year institutions across the nation. The system displays course equivalents that have previously been articulated for transferable equivalents to Illinois Tech. Each day new equivalents for college courses accepted at IIT are added to the Transferology system.   

Transferology serves as an unofficial transfer course guide for course planning purposes for future students interested in transferring to IIT. Consult with your transfer resource center, academic advisor, and transfer admissions counselor for program specific course transferability questions. The course equivalencies and reports generated from the system do not constitute a contract between the student and Illinois Tech. Students should contact their advisor and admissions counselor to verify how transfer coursework will be accepted and used towards degree requirements.

Official course credit evaluations are processed and posted to your Illinois Tech transfer student record once you are admitted to Illinois Tech.


Transferology Frequently Asked Questions

Transferology is a nationwide network designed to help transfer students answer a fundamental question - “Will my courses transfer?” Students can enter college coursework, exams and/or military learning experiences to understand how many schools in the Transferology network have matching courses that may be granted credit when the student transfers. Schools are ranked by the percentage of transfer coursework each institution accepts for each student.

The first time you access Transferology, you will be prompted to create an account. You will need to enter your first and last name and email address to create an account.

Transferology shows which courses from community colleges and four-year universities across the country transfer to Illinois Tech. It allows students to explore the thousands of course equivalents that have been articulated for undergraduate course credit.

Transferology also allows current Illinois Tech students to determine which courses can potentially transfer back to Illinois Tech if they need to take a course elsewhere and stay on track for graduation. Current Illinois Tech students must consult with the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs prior to enrolling in any course at another institution.

Once you create a Transferology account, you will add each course you completed or plan to take at the school(s) from which you are transferring coursework from. Once your courses are added to your Transferology student profile, click the “Search for Matches” button. The option will not only list how courses transfer to Illinois Tech but also other institutions with their percentage match. The course equivalent results are unofficial but can be helpful to plan out your courses. Consult with your academic advisor and transfer admissions counselor to confirm course transferability. Official course credit evaluations will be completed at the time of undergraduate admission to Illinois Tech.   

Click the large “% Match” icon to the left of your search results to view which courses have been articulated as equivalents. The “Matches” tab will show all courses that have pre-defined transfer equivalencies. The “Misses” tab will show courses that have yet to be evaluated as possible transfer equivalents.

Current Illinois Tech students who need to take a course at another institution and transfer back to Illinois Tech must consult with the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and obtain approval to take courses elsewhere. Students who may take a course elsewhere can use Transferology and the “Find a Replacement Course” option to search for possible course replacements. To begin exploring, log into Transferology and click the “Find a Replacement Course” header then enter the Illinois Tech course you are looking to take elsewhere. Click the “Search for Matches” button to view courses from other schools that IIT has determined as possible equivalents to the courses you need.

To get more general information about Transferology you may visit the system provider - CollegeSource - web pages by clicking here