Parking Enforcement

Parking lots on Illinois Tech's Mies Campus require a valid parking permit. Parking and traffic regulations are enforced through the issuance of citations and in certain cases, vehicle tow from campus. Designated parking areas are marked by signs or electronic means. We do not post signs everywhere parking is restricted, but all valid parking lots are clearly marked.

Enforcement is primarily executed by Parking Specialists, with occasional support from Public Safety. Our Parking Specialists are here to support parking access in harmony with Illinois Tech Parking Policy. They issue citations through the course of daily campus patrols. Should you receive a citation that you feel was issued in error, the following options are available to you within (7) days of citation issue.

  • Parking Specialists (field officers) may issue an on the spot void if your citation was issued within (10) minutes of your request AND your permit purchase time was BEFORE the citation issue time; the parking office may do so within (7) days of the issue date
  • The parking office may issue an on the spot void if we are able to immediately confirm advance parking authorization related to the citation within (7) days of the issue date
  • If you have a valid semester, academic, or annual permit, but received a citation because you did not register your alternate vehicle; please register the vehicle via MyParking and email to have the citation voided. Remember, when you link vehicles to your parking account you assume responsibility for all subsequent citations issued to the vehicle until you cancel your vehicle registration.
  • Email your appeal for a medical emergency or a first-time citation to

If you encounter our Parking Specialists outside, you are welcome to ask them for general assistance regarding parking access. However, email for citation issuance concerns or parking service enhancement requests. 

Enforcement Hours

Standard parking enforcement hours are Monday-Friday, 7am - 7pm. Saturdays and Sundays are complimentary on a first-come, first-served basis for general spaces campus wide. Reserved spaces, restricted areas, and no parking zones are enforced 24 hours a day. Visit the Parking & Traffic Policy Page for the full regulations.

Parking ViolationsFines
No Valid Parking Permit$25.00
Wrong Permit$15.00
Parked Outside the Lines$15.00
Tow Warning$0.00
*No Parking Anytime$75.00
*Restricted Area$75.00
*Relocation Fee$75.00
*Altered Permit$100.00
*Parked in a Handicap Space$100.00
*Parked in a Reserved Space$100.00

*Violations are subject to immediate tow.

Parking citations must be PAID or APPEALED within (7) days of the issue date. Past due citations are subject to late fees.

  • Illinois Tech students, faculty, staff, and tenants can pay citations via their MyParking Account.
  • Guest payments for citations can be paid online here.

Any of the following acts can result in loss of parking privileges:

  • Falsification of registration.
  • Registration of a vehicle by or for a person ineligible for parking privileges under these regulations.
  • A record of THREE or more unpaid parking citations.
  • Other serious and/or repeated violations of these regulations.

Parking Services will make reasonable efforts to notify customers of pending enforcement action, but failure to receive prior notification does not negate the enforcement action. All registered vehicles of the responsible customer will remain tow eligible until satisfactory payment arrangements have been made. An eligible vehicle may be towed regardless of whether a violation has occurred at the time the vehicle is identified parked on campus. Repeat violators may be reported to their respective Department Head or the Dean of Students.

Vehicle Tows

University initiated vehicle tows are executed by a private towing company working in agreement with Illinois Tech. Vehicles may be towed from campus for the following reasons:

  • Three or more outstanding citations. This means the vehicle has been issued at least three citations and no actions have been taken to appeal or pay the fines. (See Loss of Parking Privileges above.)
  • Parking in a reserved space, restricted area, or no parking zone.
  • Parking in such a way as to constitute a serious hazard or that obstructs vehicular or pedestrian traffic, the operation of emergency equipment and/or making of essential repairs. This includes, but is not limited to, vehicles parked in fire lanes, blocking loading areas, or parked on sidewalks or grass.
  • Any vehicle identified as abandoned. This means the vehicle does not display proper state registration (license plates) or is in an obvious state of disrepair and satisfactory arrangements for removal have not been made.

Owners of vehicles that have been towed will need to contact Rendered Services to retrieve their vehicle.

Rendered Services
3611 S. Iron Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Phone: 773.927.8888

Parking Services is unable to provide transportation to the towing facility.