Service Parking

Traffic Bollards Support Pedestrian Safety

In an effort to support safe pedestrian pathways and keep fire lanes clear for emergency vehicles, traffic control bollards are installed throughout Mies (Main) Campus. Vehicular access to Footlik Lane, our main pedestrian pathway on Dearborn Street from 31st - 35th Street, is restricted. Service delivery parking for Wishnick, Perlstein, and Alumni Halls is supported at 32nd & State Street, on the north side of Perlstein.

Refer to the Service Parking Map below to locate additional entry points. If exceptional access is required closer in proximity for major deliveries, contact Facilities at 312.567.3320.

Service Parking

Service parking provisions are available for contractors, vendors, and the Illinois Tech community to support university business at our Mies (Main) campus. In general, parking on campus requires permission by means of vehicle registration, a visitor permit, or adherence to designated service and time-restricted areas as posted. Marked company service vehicles will be given due consideration while parking in designated service areas. Registered permission is expected from ALL vehicles parking in permit areas. Personal vehicles are expected to utilize paid visitor parking.

Contact us at 312.567.8968 for questions or support.

Short Term Service Parking

Short term loading & unloading needs may be fulfilled in designated parking spaces or service areas for a period not to exceed 30 minutes (or other posted time period) without a permit. Service and restricted areas are enforceable by citation and/or vehicle tow at the owner’s expense 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Major Service Parking

Parking Services may grant longer-term access to service areas close to buildings where work is being performed for major construction or moving projects. The request should be initiated by email to from the university host. Requests will generally be processed within (3) business days.

General Parking

Service vehicles are generally expected to execute loading & unloading within the initial time allowance then relocate the vehicle to a visitor pay lot if continued service is required. Brief extensions for loading may be granted by email to Otherwise, hourly and daily parking is available in visitor pay lots campus wide. Permit parking for general spaces is enforced Monday-Friday, 7am-7pm.

Visitor Parking Rates

1 Hour - $2.50

2 Hours - $5

3 Hours - $6

6 Hours - $10

All Day - $12 (Valid thru Midnight)

Weekly - $35 (Valid 7 Days)

View the Campus Parking Map with Visitor Lots

Ongoing Flex Parking

Ongoing contractors and vendors may request permission for longer term Flex Parking and a university HawkCard ID for access. The request should be initiated by email to from the university host. Requests will generally be processed within (3) business days.

Parking Enforcement

All service parkers are expected to adhere to Illinois Tech Parking Policy. Parking Services reserves the right to enforce permit parking and restricted areas by citation and/or vehicle tow at the owner’s expense. Visit the Enforcement Page here for details.

Service Parking Map

ACAPS Service Parking Map