College of Computing

Letter from the Dean

Lance Fortnow

Dear Prospective Students,

Welcome to the College of Computing at Illinois Institute of Technology, established in June 2020. Computation and data science have in recent times significantly changed the ways we work, learn, shop, and play. This new college recognizes Illinois Tech’s role and responsibility to ensure that we all use computing and data to make responsible choices that will shape the future of the world.

The College of Computing has four programs:

  • Computer Science helps create and teach fundamental concepts and tools of computing and data science.
  • Applied Mathematics applies mathematical tools to understanding computing, data, finance, and science.
  • Information Technology and Management teaches the core technologies for the internet, cloud, and security for today and tomorrow’s workforce.
  • Industrial Technology and Management leads in manufacturing technology, including supply chain, facilities, construction, and sustainability.

The College of Computing will play a horizontal role across campus to infuse computational and data science thinking, tools, techniques, and an understanding of the social implications and responsibilities of computing in all disciplines and most courses across campus. Employers can count on any Illinois Tech student in any major to have the core computing and data science knowledge needed to succeed in an increasingly computation- and data-based world.

Computing technology changes quickly. The college will take an agile approach to all its research, programs, and courses, constantly updating material; adding new courses, degrees, and certificates; and removing old ones to match changing technological needs. Education cannot end at graduation, and we will provide programs for our alumni to always have the cutting-edge knowledge to move forward in their careers.

Most importantly, the college will honor Frank Gunsaulus’s original vision for Illinois Tech, to provide every student, from all backgrounds, a meaningful role in a changing technological society. 

Lance Fortnow
Dean, College of Computing

College of Computing

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