Damages and Charges

After move-out, all residence hall spaces are inspected by professional staff members to ensure that all university property is present in the expected condition and all cleanliness standards are met. Any damage and/or excessive uncleanliness is recorded by staff and residents could be found responsible for damage beyond what was noted at the start of the year.

Upon move-in, if residents find any damages or cleanliness issues, they should contact the Office of Residence Life at housing@iit.edu within 3 business days of moving in to report any issue(s). Residents should provide their name, A#, building, room number and details about the damage to go on record with the university so as not to be found responsible for any damage or cleaning issues they did not cause. Notification received outside of 3 business days after move-in may not be considered. ​

Residents who have questions or concerns about any damage at any time during the year should use their HawkWorks application (located under My Apps in the student portal) to report issues to Facilities. HawkWorks allows a student to be updated with progress on the work order created. Residents may incur individual damage billing fees during the school year for issues such as lock outs, lock changes, room repairs (where the resident is at fault), missing room inventory items, or health and safety inspection failures. If a resident incurs a fee, they will be notified via email to their Hawk email address (ending in hawk.iit.edu) and the amount will appear on the student account under “housing damage fee.”

When damage occurs in common areas, an investigation is launched by the Office of Residence Life staff. If the investigation is inconclusive and it is difficult to discern which residents and/or visitors are responsible, all damage charges will be split equally between residents on a floor or in a hall (community damage billing). Damage billing charges are shared unless written notification by the responsible party is provided to housing@iit.edu from the Hawk email address on file with IIT. If a resident, multiple residents, or visitors of residents are found to be responsible for damage or vandalism, they may be subject to additional repair fees and the student conduct process. Residents who host visitors associated with a vandalism incident are responsible for the damage billing charges assessed.

For more details, including a list of common damages and cleaning charges, visit the [https://www.iit.edu/housing/move-move-out/damages]There is also information in the Office of Residence Life Handbook,  and in Section F (DAMAGES; CONDITIONS OF ROOMS) of each academic year’s housing and food contract.

The following is not intended as an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of potential damages. Illinois Tech reserves the right to assess fees for any and all damages done.

Common Damages


Change lock for lost/unreturned key (each core)$175
Key cutting for lost mailbox key$35
Replace window screen$130


Paint one room (bedroom, bathroom, closet, hallway, or living room)$300
Paint one door (exterior/interior unit door)$300
Paint typical interior door (closet, bathroom, etc.)$100
Repair wall/ceiling damage less than 1 square foot$100
Repair wall/ceiling damage 1-4 square feet$150
Repair wall/ceiling damage 4-32 square feet$215
Strip and varnish wooden door$300


Dirty surfaces (tables, counters, shelves, or surfaces [each])$45
Excess refrigerator cleaning$50
Excess stove/microwave/dishwasher cleaning (each)$40
Excess trash/abandoned belongings removal (per bag)$30
Excess tub/shower/toilet/fixture cleaning$40
Removal of heavy & abandoned furniture each$45
Replace carpet section (per sq. yard)$50
Reset furniture$30
Shampoo couch or chair from excessive stains$50
Dirty floor surfaces (per room)$50

Appliance and Furniture Repair/Replacement 

Reassemble bedUp to $145
Bed fixtures (replacement, each)$100-$150
Blinds (replacement, each)$40
2 Drawer Dresser$350
Coffee table / Coffee table chairUp to $300
Couch, three seat$600
Couch, two seat$500
Desk drawer/fixtureUp to $100
3 Drawer Dresser$400
End table $250
Kitchen/Dining table$200
Kitchen/Dining chair$100
Kitchen/Bathroom Sink/FixturesUp to $500
Micro-fridge uncleaned/defrostedUp to $150
Trash/Recycle Receptacle (hallway)$40
Trash/recycle can for room (per item)$25
Upholstered chair$350
Damaged desk chair$100
Desk chair (replacement)$150
Desk Light Adapter$20
LampsUp to $150
Book Shelf$200
Lounge Chair$250
Please note that the list above is not intended as an exhaustive and all-inclusive list of potential damages. Illinois Tech reserves the right to assess fees for any and all damages done.