What Should I Bring Checklist

What To Bring and What Not To Bring

Below is a suggested checklist of items to consider bringing with you when you arrive on campus. For more information about prohibited items, please contact the Office of Residence Life at housing@iit.edu.

What To Bring

Hat Gloves
Winter coat Light jacket
Heavy and light weight jacket  
Extra-long twin sheets (39" x 80" x 9") Pillowcases
Clothes hangers Detergent
Fabric softener/dryer sheets Laundry bag or basket
Sewing kit  
Bicycle and lock Bicycle helmet
Books Music collection
Playing cards and other games Music player
Posters Whiteboard
Dry erase markers Removable adhesive strips (Command, 3m, etc.)
Electronics and School Supplies
Alarm clock Batteries
Telephone TV
DVD player Scientific calculator
Floor lamp (these are not provided in Jeanne and John Rowe Village, Gunsaulus Hall, or Carman Hall) Desk lamp
Camera Hair dryer
Computer or laptop Printer (and paper)
Specialized software Surge protector
Thumb drive/USB Wireless card
Coaxial cable (only needed in McCormick Student Village, Jeanne and John Rowe Village, and Gunsaulus Hall) Keurig
Iron (lounge use only)  
Personal Care
Can opener Mugs and cups
Napkins or paper towels Cups and plates
Plastic utensils Snack foods
Water bottle Personal toiletries
Bath towel Sandals and shower shoes
First aid kit Prescription medication
Shower caddy (not provided in showers)  
Umbrella Plunger (for use in suites and apartments)
School supplies  

What Not To Bring

These items are NOT allowed in McCormick Student Village, Jeanne and John Rowe Village, Gunsaulus Hall, and Carman Hall.

Fire and smoke present dangers to the safety of the campus housing community and require all residents to be cautious. For fire safety reasons and to prevent electrical overloading, the following items are prohibited in all campus housing:

  • Electrical appliances without a UL label approved for safety
  • Refrigerator units exceeding 3.0 cubic feet (or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated) or multiple refrigerators in a unit
  • Halogen bulbs
  • Extension cords, outlet splitters, or multiple plugs, except for power strips with built-in circuit breakers
  • Storage of any electrical appliance in residents’ rooms that is rated higher than 900 watts or that has an exposed heating element
  • Additionally, residents using hair dryers or hot irons are not permitted to leave them unattended while plugged in
  • Loft kits are not allowed
  • Smoking is prohibited in all campus housing! Alcohol is also prohibited if you’re under 21!
Alcohol (if you are under 21) Appliances with an exposed heating element
Candles and incense Drum sets
Hot plates Illegal drugs
Banned substances Microwaves (permitted in GU, Jeanne and John Rowe Village, CA apartments)
Music amplifiers Pets (except fish in a tank less than five gallons)
Refrigerators over 3.0 cubic feet or 4.0 cubic feet if energy star rated Multiple refrigerators in a room or apartment
Extension cords and outlet splitters Space heaters
Toaster or toaster ovens (permitted in GU, Jeanne and John Rowe Village, CA apartments) Waterbeds
Weapons Hookahs
Explosives Flammable fluids

The above items will be confiscated and only available for return upon move-out

Please email the Office of Residence Life at housing@iit.edu or call us at 312.567.5075 with any questions.