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The Industrial Technology and Management (INTM) program helps students build connections with companies and develop the managerial and leadership skills required for careers in industry through student research projects. Students are encouraged to partner with companies, nonprofit organizations, and professional societies on their projects, and apply the principles learned about operations management to actual business cases when conducting special project research.

The INTM curriculum offers two types of student research projects—independent special projects and the Interprofessional Projects (IPROs) Program. All projects are guided by faculty with considerable industrial experience.

Both undergraduate and graduate students may participate in innovative group projects through the IPRO program.

Independent special projects (INTM 597) are most commonly pursued by graduate students in the Master of Industrial Technology and Operations program. Projects are student-led; therefore, topics relate to the student's academic program of study and professional interests.  Participants in the IIT Europe double-degree program are usually required to complete a six-month research project at Illinois Tech in order to satisfy graduate degree requirements at their home university. Several recent student research projects appear below.

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