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How Does 1 + 1 = Infinity?

​​When you combine your world-class Illinois Tech education with real-world, experiential learning opportunities, you open up an infinite number of career possibilities.

Illinois Tech Virtual Internships

Illinois Tech is a one-of-a-kind university, and our hands-on, experiential learning programs are a big reason why. These signature programs will teach you teamwork, creativity, design thinking, and problem-solving—twenty-first century skills that you’ll need to lead and innovate throughout your career.

Begin your journey by participating in a special virtual internship offered by Illinois Tech in partnership with GlobalShala. In this exciting internship you'll learn core competencies and gain valuable work experience that will help you connect the dots between your college education and the next-generation skills that employers seek. Let the virtual internship be your platform to explore, collaborate, solve problems, and lead!

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    Your Benefits of the Virtual Internship

    Employability Skills

    Employability Skills

    Communication, collaboration, self-management, problem solving

    Global Exposure

    Global Exposure

    Network with students and subject matter experts from around the world

    Professional Development

    Professional Development

    Report writing, business etiquette, and presentation skills

    Personal Growth

    Personal Growth

    Self-awareness to be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, and blind spots of your professional personality

    Virtual Internship Schedule

    • Four-week program requiring 5 to 6 hours of commitment per week
    • Internship structure: 
      • Week 1: Introduction and overview to the internship and project team. Review of sponsor’s data and business problem.
      • Week 2: Uncovering the challenge question and collecting further information. Professional and personal skills development.
      • Week 3: Conducting relevant research and creating a preliminary analysis. Preparing a draft report on the proposed solutions.
      • Week 4: Group presentation on findings and recommendations for challenge questions. Reflective video on internship journey.
    • February 7
    • March 7
    • April 4
    • May 2
    • June 6
    • July 5
    • August 1
    • September 5
    • October 3
    • November 7

    Virtual Internship Topic Tracks

    The virtual internship program includes four unique topic tracks from which to choose.

    Internship Topic Track  Internship Role Task Learning Outcomes
    Digital Marketing Social Media Analyst Analyze GlobalShala’s social media presence and devise newer methods to improve audience interaction. Learn the best practices and proven strategies for digital marketing and communications
    Entrepreneurship and Innovation Innovative Entrepreneur Identify a new product/ business to launch and the steps needed to make it a reality for a startup. Learn how to ask the right questions, experiment with ideas, apply analytical thinking, and work effectively in teams.
    Data Visualization Data Analyst Analyze data from GlobalShala’s marketing team on ad campaigns in order to generate actionable reports for future campaigns.  Learn how to effectively analyze data using data visualizations and to improve the look of presentations and data visualizations based on best practices in design. 
    Project Management Project Manager Create a project plan that GlobalShala will use to plan, organize, and execute a global competition.

    Learn how to create and manage a project team; develop a team charter, project schedule, and project scope while also dealing with crisis situations in projects. 

    Esports and 
    Game Design
    Content Creator Create a highlight video showcasing game play that will be used for promotion, positioning, and profitability. Learn from industry experts how to create effective streaming accounts, how to create videos with special effects, and how to analyze the market response to those videos and maximize views.
    Cybersecurity: Defensive Hacking

    Defense Hacker

    Set up a virtualization environment for threat assessments testing and understanding different attack vectors. Learn methods for mitigation of risk.

    Learn and practice hands-on defensive hacking techniques while in a lab environment. Understand the concept of “blue teams,” different attack vectors, brute force, denial of service, scans, backdoor attacks, and others.

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