The grade legend provides detailed information on the possible marks that can be earned or have been earned for every course offered at Illinois Tech.

Effective Fall 2014

Grade Grade Description Instructor Assigned Performance Evaluated Attempted Hours Earned Hours Quality Points Quality Hours GPA Hours Financial Aid Hours
A Excellent 4
B Above Average 3
C Average 2
D Below Average 1
E Fail   0
F Fail   0      
AU Audit       0      
I Incomplete     0    
NA Non-Attendance     0
NG Non-Graded         0      
P Pass 0      
R Research     0    
S Satisfactory 0    
TR Transfer Course       0      
U Unsatisfactory   0    
W Withdrawal       0    
X No Grade Submitted       0    

Grade Notes

AU Audit—Grade basis elected by the student at the point of registration; permanent administrative grade automatically applied
D Used for undergraduate and Stuart School of Business students only; not to be used for other graduate level course work
I Incomplete—A temporary grade requested by the student prior to the week of finals
NA Non-Attendance—Apparent withdrawal due to non-attendance
NG No Grade—Grade basis for a course in which no evaluation is recorded; permanent administrative grade automatically applied
P/F Pass/Fail—Used for non-degree, continuing education courses, training courses
R Research—Temporary grade indicating research/course work is scheduled to extend beyond the end of the term
S/U Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory—Grade basis used for select undergraduate and graduate academic courses; not applicable to variable topics courses
W Withdrawn—Permanent administrative grade automatically applied when the student withdraws before the deadline (60% of the term)
X Temporary administrative grade automatically applied when the instructor fails to submit the final grade by the deadline

Grading Procedure

Online submissions of final grades are due on the published deadline following final exams. Grades of X are posted for all missing (blank) grades at that time and are resolved through the grade change process. All grade changes are initiated by the instructor of record or authorized academic officer. Current temporary grades of I, R, and X can be changed by the instructor directly with the Office of the Registrar to a final letter grade of: A, B, C, D, E, or S/U, if the course has a pass/fail grading basis of satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Temporary grades of I or R cannot be changed to another temporary or a non-letter, administrative grade of: I, R, NA, AU, W, or X. Other grade changes may require an additional level of approval by an academic officer or appeals committee. Changes to final grades cannot be made once a degree has been posted for the course of study in which the course was taken, or in the case of a student’s involuntary separation from the university.

Note: This does not apply to Chicago-Kent College of Law.

Historical Grade Legends

For your reference, historical grade legends are made available on our Registrar Archives page.