Undergraduate Research Opportunities

All three undergraduate degree programs in the Department of Social Sciences offer ample opportunities for students to gain experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods. Students learn to critically evaluate broad historical trends in their fields, and many learn to use geographic information systems, in addition to being trained in computational analysis. Internship and capstone projects can also provide additional applied learning opportunities for students to utilize their research skills.

Undergraduate Research Day

Hosted annually by Lewis College of Science and Letters, Undergraduate Research Day showcases research projects, internship experiences, creative projects, and senior capstones from students in humanities, psychology, and social sciences departments. This exhibition and awards ceremony is a great opportunity for students to develop new professional skills, make connections with like-minded individuals including faculty, and potentially even win an award.

Student Presenting at Undergraduate Research Day

Undergraduate Research Day

Undergraduate students at Lewis College have a unique opportunity to practice their presentation and public speaking skills, and show off their research, at the college's annual Undergraduate Research Day.

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App for Chinatown IPRO Day Presentation

Building an App for Chinatown

When the Department of Social Sciences offered a spring 2019 IPRO Program course focused on developing Chicago’s Chinatown neighborhood, one student group built an app to help tourists discover the area.

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Patrick Ireland
Professor of Political Science
Daniel Bliss
Associate Professor of Political Science Undergraduate Program Director
Hao Huang
Associate Professor of Social Sciences
Matthew Shapiro
Professor of Political Science Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Jonathan Rosenberg
Professor of Political Science
Yuri Mansury
Associate Professor of Social Science Associate Chair of Social Sciences
Ullica Segerstrale
Professor of Sociology

“It’s really rare to get a social science degree that’s a bachelor of science actually, so the applied portion of my degree that was more research-oriented, more technology-focused, was really appealing and continues to impress me.”

—Erin Monforti (SEDP ’19)

Erin Monforti