Campus Reports

The Many Voices, One Vision planning effort has been driven by IIT community input from its inception. Ideas gathered through our Many Voices website at the launch of the campaign have been investigated, developed, and refined as the backbone of the report offered below.

In addition, President Anderson challenged the Steering Committee and the Academic Deans to make recommendations to both strengthen the university's core education and research programs; and create a mechanism for continual innovation within the university.

The first report is from the 27-member Steering Committee, co-chaired by John Collins, VP, Business and Administration and Associate Professor Christopher White, Chair of the University Faculty Council. The result of the committee's work is a set of recommendations and summaries of the deliberations in each of four subcommittees: Strengthening the Core, Supporting the Core, Blue Ocean "Ideas" and Innovation Sandbox.

Steering Committee Report (pdf)

The second report details findings from the Deans led by Provost Alan Cramb, representing the collective thinking of the academic leadership. The Deans developed a consensus report that reflects their collective resolve to strengthen the core of IIT, while seeking innovative ways to collaborate across disciplines.

Deans Report (pdf)

Finally, a group of 13 students, led by Steering Committee student representative Ray Ballard, came forth with their own recommendations for improving student life and the reputation of the university.

Students Report (pdf)