This document addresses not only the priorities but also the implementation process aimed at achieving the goals within the priorities. Implementation requires the ideas and commitment of the faculty and staff, and continuous input from students. The following actions are essential in achieving the success of the implementation process:

  • The Board of Trustees will hold senior administration accountable for execution of the plan and achievement of the milestones.
  • All constituents of the university will contribute to improving the financial strength of the university, which is our number one priority.
  • The president and provost will allocate resources in a strategic manner to ensure that staff and faculty will have the resources necessary to implement the plan.
  • The faculty and academic leadership will be responsible for development of the distinctive educational experience for IIT students as well as the identification and advancement of the interdisciplinary themes that will raise the research profile of IIT. 
  • The faculty and the staff will be responsible for establishing a culture of innovation and excellence, and committing to diversity and a respectful work environment as core values of our institution.
  • Armour College of Engineering will vigorously pursue collaborative partnerships with other academic units to elevate the international stature of our engineering programs.
  • Our alumni will be engaged in the plan and become advocates for the university, working with our students and providing volunteer and philanthropic support.

The execution of the plan depends not only on the implementation process put in place but also on timely assessment of progress. Thus the metrics found in the report must be used to determine progress and help guide revision of the plan as circumstances change. An assessment advisory board, which will consist of faculty, students, and staff, will play an important role in providing objective determinations of our achievement of the goals and milestones. The Board of Trustees will require periodic reports on the goals and justification for any deviation from the plan. The implementation process and assessment of progress are as important as the plan itself.

Our strategic plan is replete with ambition, optimism, and confidence in an institution that is prepared to take the next great step forward. The plan is dedicated to continuous improvement and quality, and belongs to everyone who supports and believes in IIT. We will achieve our goals and reach our vision.