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Skill Development and Mentoring

Build Your Professional Competencies

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment with ever-advancing technologies, one thing remains constant: the need for effective business competencies. Leadership, teamwork, networking, presentation skills, cultural competency, and the like are necessary requirements of nearly all job descriptions or, at the very least, required for advancement after securing one’s first job.

Stuart School of Business provides opportunities for students to gain, practice, and demonstrate these abilities via a wide range of professional development offerings. Whether one-on-one or in a group, online or in the classroom, during the week or on weekends, our students have numerous options to become increasingly job-ready starting from their first day at Stuart.

Curt Allee
Curt Allee

Assistant Dean for Academic Administration and Student Success
Adjunct Instructor, Stuart School of Business
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Stuart School of Business student teams have an impressive record of success in regional, national, and international business competitions, where they put their knowledge and problem-solving skills to the test.

In recent years, Stuart teams have been among the best in the CFA Institute Research Challenge, the McGill International Portfolio Challenge, the PRMIA Risk Management Challenge, and other contests that draw teams from top universities from around the world.

Photo: The team of Stuart students in the 2020 CFA Institute Research Challenge won the Chicago local competition and in the regional semifinals to advance to the Americas Regional finals.

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Advancing Career and Education (ACE)

Stuart’s innovative ACE Program helps students develop the business competencies that can give them a competitive edge in applying for internships and jobs.

More than 100 Chicago-based organizations have worked with the Stuart School through its unique ACE Program to accomplish their organizational goals. By partnering with ACE, organizations benefit from having a team of bright, motivated students from multiple disciplines to help find solutions to business issues and assist with researching, analyzing, or creating new opportunities.

Advancing Career and Education (ACE)

Stuart Board of Advisors Mentoring Program

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This program pairs Stuart undergraduate and graduate students for individual mentoring throughout the academic year by business executives from the Stuart School of Business Board of Advisors. Students may apply to be selected for this program.

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Professional Communication Advancement (PCA)

PCA provides students with customized and targeted instruction to build their English language communication skills. Find out about language assessments, courses that are offered, opportunities to practice English conversation skills through SPEAK, and other resources for tutoring and language practice.

Professional Communication Advancement (PCA)

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