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(CE ’69, M.S. CE ’71)

When it comes to building Chicago’s famed skyline, there are few people who are more knowledgeable than Bob Johnson. After earning his bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from Illinois...


(BME ’13)

Before a sleep and respiratory care device from Philips gets sold, Sally Zheng leads the effort to ensure that all materials used in the device are biocompatible. “As biosafety engineers, we are the...


(CE, M.Eng. STE ’22)

From early on in her time at Illinois Institute of Technology, Jamie Griggs has been involved with the university’s chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). She’s taken on multiple...


(M.S. CE ’14)

At Elevate, a nonprofit whose mission is to ensure that the benefits of clean energy reach those who need it the most, Honnie Aguilar Leinartas is the lead engineer for its single-family...


(EE, M.S. EE ’22)

As a technical program manager at Tesla, Ava Kelly is responsible for the beginning-to-end process of launching new power electronics products, starting from the initial concept and taking a product...