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Even with the abundance of online resources that will be an important part of your job search, don’t forget that you need great people skills in the workplace. We know that you’ll develop the necessary skills for jobs within your industry, but we want you to stand out in person as much as you will on paper. For this reason, we’ve put together a career fair prep workshops that can help you master the art of professional communication, small talk (yes, that’s actually important!), and other necessary skills that you just can’t get from an app, a YouTube video, or your Facebook friends.

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A sequential path through the career development knowledge and skills essential for success in the job search. Read more on our workshop descriptions page, and view upcoming workshops on our calendar.

On-Campus Interviews

On-campus interviews (OCIs) bring employers to campus to recruit. Companies may choose an open call session for candidates, or they can choose to pre-select candidates to interview through Handshake. For this reason, make sure your résumé is frequently updated in the Handshake database, and have it reviewed by an industry professional or a Career Coach.

Career Connections

Career Connections are networking events that are conducted at least once during each fall and spring semester. These allow employers an opportunity to recruit students and alumni in a less structured setting for internships, co-ops, and full-time positions. Employers can bring up to three representatives to speak with potential candidates, as well as conduct on-the-spot interviews.

Career Crash Course

This event is a professional development workshop and networking event offered every semester. The Career Crash Course covers topics including résumé and cover letters, successful interviewing, professional networking, and incorporating social media into your career search. These sessions are typically held near the end of each semester, and are also valuable for alumni who are looking to brush up on their professional skills. 

Illumination Sessions

This program establishes partnerships with the community, companies, and alumni to provide discourse to students on global workforce practices, trends, and culture. Engagement Opportunities for Student Organizations


Student Organization Partnership

Career Services invites student organizations to partner with us. Our active collaboration will benefit your student organization by creating special connections with Career Services, Alumni Affairs, employers, graduate school representatives, and other professionals. We will work with your student leadership and membership to create a set of activities and opportunities to help your organization develop bridges and multiple pathways into the workplace with personalized workshops, opportunities to co-sponsor events, and co-host panels. We strongly encourage student groups to collaborate in their partnership with us throughout the year.

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Co-sponsor and co-create a career services event and/or to develop a specific event or workshop for your student organization, including:

  • Résumé and cover letters
  • Networking and relationship building
  • Utilizing LinkedIn
  • Mock interviews
  • Thirty-second elevator pitch
  • Introduction to Handshake
  • Preparation for career fairs and career connections
  • Preparation for regional and national conferences
  • Employer contact referrals
  • Career coaching
  • Career exploration/assessment
  • Training: “The 2-Hour Job Search”
  • Speak with employers, graduate school representatives, and other professional connections looking to serve as guest speakers
  • Receive special advance notice of events, workshops, and programming targeted to your group’s needs
  • Partner with Career Services to positively impact your interaction with employers
  • Connect your alumni to the Career Services team to further develop referrals for internships, co-ops and full-time positions


  • Your student organization must be registered and in good standing with the Office of Campus Life
  • You agree to promote Career Services’ events to your members, peer organizations if applicable, and alumni mentors, after which you must complete a follow-up survey
  • You provide contact information for at least two officers so we can reach you quickly with connections to employers and events


If you need accommodations for a disability in order to fully participate in any event, please contact the Center for Disability Resources at or 312.567.5744.