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Dr. Federica Darema Lecture Series in Computer Science

The Illinois Institute of Technology College of Computing’s Dr. Frederica Darema Lecture Series in Computer Science is a permanent fund that helps advance female and minority early-stage computer science researchers at U.S. academic institutions.

“Opportunities to succeed as an academic in the areas such as computer sciences, are not readily available to everyone,” says Dr. Frederica Darema. “This fund enhances opportunities to showcase some of the most talented academics and researchers, those who may not have such opportunities otherwise. The more we lift up these excellent junior faculty, the more we will be able to encourage women and people of color to pursue an academic career in computer science.”

The lecture series is designed to encourage women and individuals from under-represented groups to pursue academic careers in computer sciences, and to focus on providing speaking opportunities for tenure track assistant professors (or the equivalent) at U.S. institutions in their fourth to sixth year. Lectureships may also be awarded to exceptional junior researchers in U.S. federal or industrial research laboratories in the third to fifth years of their careers, following doctoral/postdoctoral studies.

Events presented in the Dr. Frederica Darema Lecture Series in Computer Science are open to students, faculty, researchers, and others interested in learning about the latest research in computer sciences.


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Frederica Darema

Dr. Frederica Darema is a Greek American physicist, with a career that has spanned physics, and computer and computational sciences. In 1984, she proposed the Single Program, Multiple Data (SPMD) programming model, the predominant model for supercomputing over the last 35 years. She proposed the Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems (DDDAS) computational paradigm in 2000. For her scientific contributions, she was elected as an Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) Fellow in 2004.

Darema earned her B.S. degree from the School of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Athens - Greece, and M.S. and Ph. D. degrees in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from the Illinois Institute of Technology and then the University of California at Davis, respectively. She attended Illinois Tech and UC Davis as a Fulbright Scholar, and was also a Distinguished Scholar at UC Davis.

After serving in physics research associate positions at the University of Pittsburgh and Brookhaven National Laboratory, she received an APS Industrial Fellowship in 1980, and became a technical staff member in the Nuclear Sciences Department at Schlumberger Doll Research. In 1982, she joined the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center as a research staff member in the Computer Sciences Department, and subsequently established and became the manager of a research group at IBM Research, on parallel applications.

Darema joined the National Science Foundation in 1994, where she served in executive level positions and led the New Generation Software and Dynamic Data Driven Application Systems programs. From 1996-1998 she completed an assignment at the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA). She recently retired as SES Director of the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, where she led a staff of 200, PhD scientists and engineers, and administrators, in managing over half-billion dollars of research funding.


To nominate a speaker for the Dr. Frederica Darema Lecture Series in Computer Science, please contact Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Cynthia Hood at Illinois Tech’s College of Computing.