Photo of Carrie Hall and student working on an engine in the lab


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The challenge in engineering research is to discover new knowledge and apply it to the invention and development of new processes and products.

Today, engineering research is being conducted on a micro-scale, from molecules and living cells, and on a macro-scale, from processes and products. Meeting this challenge requires researchers who are able to combine efforts in several engineering and science fields.

Our goal is for our undergraduate engineers to start thinking with a collaborative mindset from day one. Armour College of Engineering's research focus ensures that students are given the opportunity to explore topics of high priority and relevance to society throughout their academic career and beyond.

A student does tree research using drones at Armour College of Engineering

The Armour Advantage

The distinctive education that Armour College of Engineering offers its students is that you don't have to wait—you'll have the opportunity to apply what you've learned in the classroom to some of the most complex problems facing society today as an undergraduate, including through the Armour R&D program. 

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