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Armour R&D gives undergraduate engineering students at Illinois Tech opportunities for hands-on work and direct experience with the research and development process.  

As an Armour R&D participant, you’ll receive a stipend to work with a faculty member, gaining valuable research and development experience and professional mentorship.

With a range of projects, including researching water desalination methods, detecting Alzheimer’s disease using MRI, and developing open-source GPS, Armour R&D offers opportunities both for students interested in discovering fundamental science and students who want to develop and implement technology that is based on research findings.

This year-round program offers you the chance to work on projects that tackle real-world problems while gaining skills that are highly valued in the engineering profession.

Participants selected for this competitive program conduct their project over the course of 10 weeks during the semester and showcase their work at the Armour R&D Expo.

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Students may select a project proposed by a faculty member or develop a proposal for a project in conjunction with a faculty member. The fall 2022 Armour R&D program will run from August 18 to November 18.  

For fall 2022, Armour R&D applications will be open from August 1 to August 26 at 5 pm CT. 

Students applying for a project they have not worked on previously should fill out the New Project Application. Students applying for a second semester on a project that they have already worked on through Armour R&D should fill out the Continuing Previous R&D Research Application

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