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The Armour Experience

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At Armour College of Engineering, we integrate innovative thought, entrepreneurship, creativity, and design with engineering theory, research, and practice.

Our students have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to some of the most complex problems facing society today.

We enhance our college’s already strong curriculum with lecture series, forums, interactive problem solving, professional site exploration, and team-intensive engineering projects focusing on four themes: water, health, energy, and security.

As you take part in these theme opportunities, your activity is tracked in your own personal online portfolio for use as a supplement to your résumé or as additional material for your application to graduate school.

Our Armour R&D Program includes two paths: Program for Undergraduate Research Education (PURE), which focuses on research, and Mentored Innovation and Development (MIND), which focuses on developing research-based technology. Both programs aim to give undergraduate students hands-on experience with research and development that is unique to Armour College.

All distinctive education programs are designed to give you a competitive edge and tangible experience in global issues.

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Elevate Your Future

Hands-on experience is at the heart of engineering. At Illinois Tech, we promise to you the education, mentorship, and real-world experiences to land a great job and launch your career.

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Finding Solutions to Real-World Problems

Engineering students who participate in Armour R&D have the opportunity to work toward solutions to complex issues, like a group of Armour College students who aim to reduce the energy it takes to heat Alumni Memorial Hall on Illinois Tech's campus. 

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Endless Options to Discover

Whether you're interested in a career in the railroad industry, becoming involved with professional engineers in your chosen career path, or simply want to learn more about about robotics, there is no shortage of student organizations for engineering students at Illinois Tech to get involved with.

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