Undergraduate Students
Financial Aid

Undergraduate Students

The Office of Financial Aid is committed to assisting students through their journey to financing their education here at Illinois Tech. Our knowledgeable and experienced financial advisors are available to meet with students to understand their aid and for cost planning. Below you will find helpful links to assist you through your journey.

  • Tuition, Fees and Costs: Illinois Tech provides its students a cost of attendance that estimates expenses for each academic year. The list of estimated expenses is not a bill, and actual costs may vary.
  • Grants and Loans: Learn about the grants and loans that are available to Illinois Tech students, who is eligible, and how funds are dispersed. 
  • Scholarship Resources: Explore resources available to secure additional funding and to assist with your educational expenses. 
  • Federal Work Study: You can gain real-world experience and pay off your studies through the Federal Work-Study program by working on campus. 
  • Important Dates: Stay on task with these important dates and deadlines for financial aid. 
  • Policies and Procedures: How aid is processed and maintained within the Office of Financial Aid. 
  • Tools: Resources and guides on how to borrow, accept, and manage federal loans during and post graduating; financial literacy on money management and budgeting.

At Illinois Tech we understand the importance of parents and key family members in supporting your student in their college journey - especially when it comes to finances! Our team is eager to work with you and your students to explore aid options. 


Learn more about how you can assist your student through the financial aid process:


We understand the importance of a parent's role in assisting their students throughout their undergraduate program and we want to make you aware of how your access to your students' information changes the first day of class.  Starting the first day of class, your student will be the sole owner of their financial information and our staff will only be able to provide you with general information. We encourage you to review the Department of Education’s FERPA Guide for parents. Learn more about Illinois Tech’s FERPA Policy.

As we live out Illinois Tech’s mission statement and uphold our commitment to diversity—one where our university values, respects, and appreciates the different backgrounds of our community members—we are proud of our commitment to provide support and resources for current and prospective undocumented students and students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), their families, and allies. Check out our Resources for Undocumented Students webpage.