Office of the Dean of Students
The staff in the Office of the Dean of Students assists all students regarding anything that may positively or negatively impact student life at Illinois Institute of Technology. If you have a housing question, need to register for courses, take a leave of absence, request a grade change, or need anything else, please email You may also call 312.567.3081 or view services online.

Student Health and Wellness Center
You can make an appointment to see a nurse practitioner, physician, or staff psychologist. Our wellness staff provides basic medical and psychological services including consultation, stress relief, individual and group counseling, grief support, general checkups, and more. The Student Health and Wellness Center is located on the third floor of IIT Tower on Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus. Psychological services also are provided at the Conviser Law Center, located at 565 West Adams Street, one day each week.

Public Safety
The Public Safety Department supports the university’s educational goals by maintaining a secure environment in which members of our community can explore diverse social, cultural, and academic ideas, and pursue knowledge. Public Safety does not engage in immigration issues. Public Safety is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For non-emergencies, call 312.808.6300. In case of an emergency, please call 312.808.6363.

Care Hub
Illinois Tech offers a student assistance plan for all students. A 24-hour hotline is available to call if you need information or just want to talk to someone. The toll-free hotline is 1.877.351.7889. Additional information about local resources and global issues also is available on the Care Hub website. To access this information, enter Illinois Tech’s school ID: IIT.

The ombudsperson is dedicated to assisting Illinois Tech students who are experiencing problems. Our ombudsperson works as a liaison between university personnel and students to achieve a fair resolution of disputes. Illinois Tech’s ombudsperson works to protect the rights of all parties involved and is committed to fair treatment of all students at Illinois Tech.

Career Services
Illinois Tech’s career development coaches and peer career coaches will co-create and prepare individual placement and job-search strategies in support of the post-graduate visions of our undocumented students, including those students affected by DACA. In addition, we proactively speak with employers regarding their interests in providing internship and full-time opportunities for DACA students. At this time, Career Services has a curated list of 281 companies that have expressed an interest in receiving applicants from DACA students within the last 12 months. Furthermore, within our database we have an additional 1,000 companies that have posted positions over the last several years for which DACA students might apply.    

Contact Career Services at 312.567.6800 or

Legal Services to Students
If you need legal assistance, Adam David Ingber, P.C. may be of assistance. Ingber is contracted by the university to provide free, limited legal consultation and services to Illinois Tech students. He may be reached at 312.853.3588 or

Legal Services to Students, Staff, and Faculty
The alumni network of the Chicago-Kent College of Law has created a list of attorneys who have expressed an eagerness to support members of the Illinois Tech community who have been impacted by the recent executive order on immigration. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs at 312.567.3081 or via email at, and we will connect you with an attorney from this network.