Human Resources

D.6 Bereavement Leave

Policy No. D. 6.00

Date of Issue 8/17/2016

Employees who experience a death in the family may request bereavement leave according to the following guidelines:


Up to three days with pay for the death of an immediate family member: mother, step-mother, father, step-father, spouse, domestic or civil union partner, son, step-son, daughter, step-daughter, sibling, grandmother, grandfather or in-law of the same status.


In addition, in accordance and consistent with, the Illinois Child Bereavement Leave Act, Public Act 099-0703, an employee may generally take up to an additional seven days (or such amount as called for by the Act) of unpaid leave to: 1) attend the funeral of a child; 2) make arrangements necessitated by the death of a child; or 3) grieve the death of a child. Such leave must be used within 60 days of the date on which the employee receives notice of the death of the child.


To the extent practicable, an employee is requested to provide his or her supervisor at least 48 hours’ notice that the employee intends to use bereavement leave. IIT reserves the right to require an employee to provide reasonable documentation to support the request for bereavement leave. This could include a death certificate, obituary or other written verification of death (e.g., from a funeral home, mortuary or crematorium). An employee may substitute any paid or unpaid leave available from IIT, which shall run concurrently with any bereavement leave. Further, should an employee be eligible for time under Family Medical Leave Act, the Illinois Child Bereavement Leave Act will also run concurrently.