IFSH MEMBERS NOTICE: The Members section is still under construction.  We will be moving membership access to Salesforce, in which each company will be assigned a special password specific to your company.  A designated person from each company will be required to complete specific information about your company to ensure we meet all your needs.  Updates will be communicated to everyone as they happen.  In the meantime, reach out to Tina Gettis, ifsh@iit.edu for any questions, concerns, or if you are looking for specific information.

What You Get as a Member

IFSH's Cooperative Research and Development Grant from the FDA offers members the opportunity to work alongside leading FDA and Illinois Tech Scientists in five key areas: food processing and packaging, food microbiology, chemical contaminants and allergens, nutrition, and proficiency testing. Other member benefits include:

IFSH's Cooperative Research - Grant from the FDA offers members the opportunity to work alongside leading FDA and Illinois Tech scientists addressing key food safety issues facing the country.  Scientific research programs cover five science platforms: Food Processing, Food Microbiology, Food Chemistry and Packaging, Nutrition, and Proficiency Testing and Method Validation.  The NCFST Annual Report of Research

Linkages to FDA - FDA and IFSH/NCFST operate under a unique cooperative agreement as a place where university, government, and industry scientists work side-by-side.

Task Forces - Through the cooperative research agreement between IIT and FDA, IFSH has established a number of food safety task forces that address FDA and industry priorities.  IFSH members are welcome to participate in any desired task force. (Juice & Beverage, Sprout, Low Moisture Foods, Food Toxicology)

Consortiums - Research gaps in methods or approaches to food safety issues requiring a broad pre-competitive industry engagement working with FDA enabled through leveraging shared costs and shared risk reduction.

Proprietary Research - This work is usually company-specific, relatively short-term special contract projects, which have an immediate commercial impact for the client.

Workshops - IFSH organizes several workshops throughout the year. They serve the timely aspects of grant outreach as required by USDA, NIH, or FDA. Workshops may be formed to address specific industry needs and to identify gaps in domestic and international research and science programs.

IFSH Annual Meeting - Annual review meeting held each September with FDA and other science leaders and includes a New Member Orientation session.

FSPCA – IFSH Membership does not cover FSPCA's activities.  However, members are notified of training and outreach programs that will assist them in complying with the preventive controls regulations that are part of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Want to Become a Member?

Reach out to ifsh@iit.edu for more information, to schedule a meeting, or even a tour.   

We welcome discussions regarding reciprocal/in kind members, be sure to reach out for additional information.