PBA Student Checklist

Congratulations on joining the Illinois Tech Coursera programs through performance-based admission (PBA)! We're excited to have you on board.

To help you prepare for the start of your program, we've put together a handy checklist. Take a look at the checklist we've provided below. It's designed to be completed at your own pace, but ideally, you should finish it at least ten days before your courses begin. In addition, do not miss the new student orientation! This session will provide valuable information and answer any questions you might have.

Please note that you will not be able to access any of the Coursera courses you have registered for until you receive the welcome message and link your Coursera account following the instructions provided in the email in Step 4. This email typically arrives within 1~3 business days of your registration.

Keep an eye on your Illinois Tech email address. We'll be sending important updates about the program directly to your inbox. We're here to support you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out!

PBA Student Checklist

Guide to PBA Registration

The Coursera Illinois Tech Portal

Keep the registration confirmation email and payment receipt for your records.

If you do not receive any email from Illinois Tech more than 3 days after you have received the registration confirmation email, contact coursera@iit.edu.

  • Sign on to the Access Illinois Tech portal using your credentials from the welcome email.
  • Contact supportdesk@iit.edu with your name, CWID (A-Number), and your username for any technical issues with logging into Access Illinois Tech.
  • Once you activate your U-ID, check your Illinois Tech email address for an email titled “ACTION NEEDED” from Coursera.
  • Follow the instructions to configure your Coursera account to your program.
  • After successfully configuring your Coursera account, you will be redirected to the Student Home on Coursera, where you can find a link to the New Student Orientation Course.
  • If you do not link your account properly, you cannot access any of your Illinois Tech for-degree version of the Coursera courses and orientation course.
  • The Orientation course is designed to help get you started with the program, answer any questions, and serve as a reference point if you ever need clarification. It is completely self-paced, and it is required to finish it before the start of your classes. If you do not complete the new student orientation, you will be not able to access your courses in Coursera. 
  • Here’s the link to the New Student Orientation courses, but you cannot access them until you link your account to the program.
    MAS IT
    Bach IT
  • If you haven’t already done so, make sure you confirm your registered course schedule prior to the first day of classes. You can find the course offerings and academic calendar for the Coursera programs.
  • Once the courses have been added to your Coursera account, please get started by visiting the Illinois Tech [Your Program] Student Homepage on Coursera.
  • Under the In Progress tab, you will see your course enrollments upon the launch of your session based on your registration!
Degree Homepage Sample
  • Processing registration can take up to 36–48 hours. If your registration is completed within 24 hours, wait for another day to process your registration to access your courses on Coursera.
  • If you still do not see your course after 36 hours, email coursera@iit.edu with more details on your case with your registration confirmation email and tuition payment receipts.

To receive academic credit, all assignments and the final exam must be completed by the last day of the term at 11:59 PM (CST). Some post-PBA or core degree courses may have manually graded assignments with specific deadlines, so check and follow the deadlines given in the syllabus and the course site. It is important to remember that the assignments and final exams are designed to help you learn the material and to prepare you for success in your future studies. No assignment extensions will be granted. 

Once the course ends, you will NOT be able to submit any activities, and the course will remain open for you to see your grade and feedback up to one week after the grades are posted. After that, and in the future, you will see your grades and progress in the my.iit.edu portal.

  • Once you have successfully completed your PBA courses, your student status will be changed from non-degree student to conditionally admitted degree-seeking student, and you will be considered a degree-seeking student.
  • Once you have completed 9 (for Graduate) or 12 (for Undergraduate) credit hours, including the PBA courses, in Good Standing, you will be fully admitted to your program.
  • Updates to student records should happen within approximately 2 weeks of receiving final grades from the previous term.
  • You will be able to register for post-PBA and core degree courses within your program via my.iit.edu.
  • Master Programs
    • If you are a master’s student and will be submitting your bachelor’s degree transcript, you may send it to grad.admission@iit.edu, or by mail to:

      Illinois Institute of Technology
      Office of Graduate Admission
      10 West 33rd Street
      Perlstein Hall, Room 203
      Chicago, Illinois 60616
  • Bachelor of Information Technology
    • All Bachelor of Information Technology students must submit official transcripts in order for the Office of Undergraduate Admission to evaluate your transfer course credits. Unofficial transcripts will not be accepted. Please have your previous institution send your transcripts to ugaprocessing@iit.edu for review. Our office will evaluate your transfer credit within five business days after receiving your official transcripts.
    • You can check the transfer policy for the Bachelor of Information Technology program.