As a RES-MATCH student, you’ll spend a semester immersed in research and gain hands-on experience in biomedical science or engineering research that will prepare you for your professional career. In addition, RES-MATCH participants receive mentorship from faculty and gain experience sharing their work through participating in the RES-MATCH Expo.

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to apply, so if you’re a student looking to explore a new area of research, RES-MATCH is for you!

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Application Process

Each semester, faculty from across the university submit research opportunities. Students who are interested in joining RES-MATCH then contact the faculty member associated with a project in order to obtain a recommendation for selection. Students recommended by faculty must be new to the faculty member’s laboratory.

RES-MATCH will be providing project and application information for the next academic session closer to the end of the current session.

Making an Impact


Student-Faculty Matches




Illinois Tech Departments Supported

Alex Negrón

“I credit my research during the RES-MATCH program for initiating my deep interest in mathematical biology. Since RES-MATCH, I have started a fellowship in Computational Neuroscience at the University of Chicago funded by the Simons Foundation.”

—Alex Negrón (AMAT and STAT ’22)


Anish Ranjan

"Overall, [my] RES-MATCH research project has provided me with some of the most enlightening times of my academic career in terms of the real-world experience… I think I am better equipped for my forthcoming academic goals and potential career position thanks to the knowledge I have acquired."

—Anish Ranjan (ME 3rd Year)


Diana Csercse

“Gaining hands-on experience in a research lab allowed me to tap into my brain and solve problems on my own and with my colleagues. I am grateful to have been a part of this program as it brought me new skills and wonderful connections… It goes without saying that RES-MATCH is for everyone who wants to evolve and challenge themselves.”

—Diana Csercse (BIOC, M.S. CHEM ’22)


Elijah Roberts

"The research work I did through RES-MATCH was a fantastic opportunity. The lab experience I got in additive manufacturing allowed me to learn a lot about the material science field in a hands-on practical project. RES-MATCH led me to continue pursuing research in the material science field and has given me insight into the type of jobs I want to pursue in my professional career."
—Elijah Roberts


Aaron Gregory

“Overall, the hands-on experience I have gained through this RES-MATCH research project has been some of the most educational time that I have spent in my academic career… With the knowledge I have obtained, I believe I am better prepared for my future academic and eventual professional career.”
—Aaron Gregory (FORC ’22)