Joint Programs FAQ

How can I apply to a joint program?
IIT’s Office of Undergraduate Admission coordinates applications to the joint engineering programs. For more information, visit:

How do I register for IIT classes while in a joint program?
Once you are enrolled in the joint engineering program, you are considered an IIT student and will have a designated IIT adviser. Please work closely with your IIT adviser to plan your IIT courses and obtain necessary course permits in advance of each term’s registration period. IIT registration periods are listed on the Academic Calendar.

Please consult your home institution for instructions on how IIT courses should be documented at that institution.

Will my home institution inform IIT of registration changes made at that institution?
No. Changes made at your home institution, e.g. dropping a class or taking a leave of absence, do not get reported to IIT. You must register these changes with IIT as well. In particular, please review IIT’s add/drop deadline each semester, as it may differ from the requirements at your home institution. Please view the Academic Calendar for term-specific dates.

How may I track my IIT degree progress?
Joint program students can access Undergraduate Degree Works through their myIIT portal under the Academics tab. Students may print their unofficial transcript through the “Class History” link in Undergraduate Degree Works. Alternatively, students can login to the myIIT portal and navigate to the Academics tab. Choose the Banner Student Self Service channel, click on Student Records, and choose View Unofficial Transcript.

How am I billed for the joint program?
IIT will bill our partner institution for any courses you may take as part of the joint engineering program. Your home institution will bill you for all courses taken at IIT and at your home institution.

Why am I being offered the IIT Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)?
All full-time and part-time IIT students are automatically enrolled in SHIP. If you have health insurance coverage through your parents or your home institution and wish to waive the IIT coverage, you will need to complete the IIT annual electronic health insurance waiver. More information is available at the Student Health and Wellness Center website.

Am I eligible for the Accelerated Masters Program?
Students enrolled in the joint engineering program are eligible to apply for the Accelerated Master's Program - Advanced Standing (AMP-AS). Students enrolled in the joint engineering program are not eligible for the Accelerated Master's Program - Co-terminal (AMP-CT) due to financial aid regulations and degree awarding requirements. Please see the bulletin for more information on the Accelerated Master's Program.