Advising Pin (required for registration each semester)

Each academic unit issues the Advising PIN that is required for registration in the first semester of student enrollment at Illinois Tech.

First Semester of Enrollment

To receive your PIN to register you must communicate with your faculty academic adviser for program and course advising. You can meet them in person or simply communicate via email. The name and contact information of your academic adviser was provided to you in an email communication through the Graduate Admission Office, and is also available in your MyIIT Portal. Your adviser will provide information on what courses to take in your first semester, and then will provide a six-digit PIN for you to use to register.

Continuing Semesters of Enrollment

The registration PIN will be displayed in the MyIIT portal on the “IIT Personal ID Numbers” channel located under the "Welcome" tab:

Advising A Number

Graduate Academic Advising

Graduate students are required to complete a mandatory advising session with the graduate academic (or Accelerated Master's Program) adviser. The GP Graduate Advising Hold becomes active before the next semester of registration opens for:

  • Accelerated master's students in the first semester of graduate enrollment
  • Traditional master’s students at nine earned or enrolled credits
  • Doctoral students at 18 earned or enrolled credits

The hold prevents registration before the following semester, until lifted by the adviser, and a mandatory advising session is required for the student to clear the registration hold.

How to Schedule an Academic Advising Session to Remove Hold

Graduate students are required to communicate with their academic adviser prior to registration to remove the mandatory advising hold. Students should contact their adviser directly via email, phone, or a visit to their office.

If your academic adviser does not respond within two to three business days, students can forward the email that was sent to their adviser to civil, architectural, and environmental engineering Academic Program Coordinator Charlotte Jackson ( and/or Department Chair Brent Stephens ( All department office contact information can be found on the department website.

An accelerated master's student registration hold will be removed when the student submits the declaration of accelerated master's shared and non-shared courses in eForms (in MyIIT), and after it is approved by their adviser, academic unit, and Graduate Academic Affairs, which will lift the hold. The student will need to see their adviser for shared and non-shared course advising. Please refer to the "Accelerated Master's Program Advising" link below.

Academic Advisors

David Arditi (construction engineering and management; engineering management)
Brent Stephens (architectural engineering; environmental engineering; energy systems engineering; urban systems engineering)
Mehdi Modares (structural engineering)
Zongzhi Li (transportation; public works; infrastructure engineering and management)

Synopsis of Graduate Studies

The Academic Catalog contains guidelines for prospective and current students showing the steps that must be taken and the forms that must be completed, signed by appropriate university officials, and submitted to the Office of Graduate Academic Affairs in order to proceed from application to graduation to receipt of degree.

Guidelines for completing CAEE Graduate Degrees

Advising Topics

Student Resources