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ABET Chemical Engineering

The Illinois Institute of Technology program in Chemical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

CHE Program Educational Objectives

The current educational objectives of the Chemical Engineering (CHE) program are:

  • Graduates will meet the expectations of employers of chemical engineers.
  • Graduates will, if qualified, by pursue advanced study if they so desire
  • Graduates will undertake leadership roles in their communities and/or professions

CHE Student Outcomes

Students from the CHE program will, by the time of graduation:

I. possess fundamental knowledge of mathematics, the basic sciences and engineering (Engineering Criteria Student Outcome 1)

II. possess fundamental knowledge of chemical and biological engineering (1)

III. possess the necessary skills to design processes that are safe, economic, technically sound and environmentally benign (2)

IV. have been trained to fully utilize recent advances in computational technologies in their work (1, 2, and 6)

V. possess a good familiarity with experimental and analytical methods and techniques (1, 2, and 6)

VI. have been trained to fully utilize modern communication technologies and who communicate effectively (3)

VII. possess leadership skills and the ability to work in intra-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams (5)

VIII. have an understanding and respect for professional ethics and possess an awareness of the present-day societal issues of relevance to chemical engineers (4)

IX. have the ability and desire to further their education through the process of “Life Long Learning” and possess the necessary skills to be involved in research and development activities, if they so desire (7)

CHE Undergraduate Enrollment and Degrees Awarded

Academic Year Enrollment Awarded Degrees
2019-20 145 41
2018-19 144 30
2017-18 143 28
2016-17 136 27
2015-16 139 37

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