Office of Global Services

Letter Requests

Letters will only be issued upon request.  Delays can be expected during peak business times.

Letter Requests 

The Office of Global Services will only issue the following letters on letterhead through submitting a "Letter Request" within the ISSS Portal:

  • Immigration Status Verification
  • Proof of Residency
  • Social Security Letters
    • OGS will sign these letters from the Illinois Institute of Technology on-campus hiring department once the student uploads their letter within the "Letter Request" submission in the ISSS Portal. If the hiring department is not able to issue the Social Security Letter, please have them contact the student employment office.
  • Signature Required-Other
    • There may be miscellaneous, non-Illinois Tech forms that require a signature from OGS which the student will provide as an upload within the "Letter Request" submission in the ISSS Portal for validation.
  • Study Abroad/Away Visa Application Letter
    • After receiving program acceptance from the IIT Study Away office, international students may request this letter type as supplemental material in their visa application to study outside the U.S.

*OGS does not provide Enrollment Verification Letters. For enrollment letters, you must request an enrollment certification through the MyIIT portal.

Invitation Letter

Invitation letters issued by IIT are not required by the US Embassy or Consulate to issue a B-2 tourist visa, and so OGS will not provide invitation letters to students. If you have family or friends that would like to visit you in the US, you may provide them with your own invitation letter. The letter should include your name, identify the person you are inviting, their relationship to you, and state the duration and purpose of the trip.

Please contact the US Embassy or Consulate where your family or friends will be applying for their B-2 tourist visa for the specific list of documentation that is required to apply.

Job Offer Letter

This form is to be used to produce the hiring department job offer letter for student employees for the purpose of applying for a Social Security Number. The department administrator submits this form if the Electronic Payroll Authorization form through the MyIIT portal failed to produce a letter or if the hiring department has submitted a paper-based Payroll Authorization form to the Student Employment Office.

Instructions for the Department

  1. Department administrator completes the form; print the PDF on hiring department letterhead.
  2. The supervisor must sign the letter.
  3. Give the letter to the student and instruct the student to submit the letter to the Office of Global Services via ISSS Portal. Processing time for the OGS letter is approximately two to three business days.
  4. Student will be notified by OGS when the letter is available for download in the ISSS Portal.
  5. The student takes the hiring department job offer letter and Social Security Letter to the Social Security Administration to apply for a number.