Transferring Your SEVIS Record

Your SEVIS record must reflect your current academic institution. If you transfer to a new institution, your immigration status and SEVIS record must also be transferred to that institution. You must transfer your SEVIS record if you have graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology and are starting a new degree program at a new university or if you will not complete studies at Illinois Tech and are starting studies at a new institution.

Important Notes About Transferring Your Record

  • A SEVIS transfer is a transfer of your immigration status, not your academic credits.
  • Once your record has been transferred, all employment must stop—this includes on-campus employment and Curricular Practical Training (CPT), Optional Practical Training (OPT), and Academic Training (AT).
  • Traveling may impact your transfer release date. Please discuss any upcoming travel plans with the Office of Global Services (OGS). 
  • Once a record has been transferred, OGS will no longer have access to it.
  • Once a record has been transferred, the transfer cannot be canceled or reversed. If you change your mind, you must inform an OGS adviser prior to the SEVIS release date by scheduling a meeting with an adviser.


You must be maintaining F-1/J-1 status at Illinois Tech. This includes students in the following situations:

  • Enrolled as a full-time student
  • On OPT/STEM OPT/Academic Training
  • Arrived in the U.S. and completed check-in with OGS (new students only)
  • Recent graduate (within 60 days for F1 Students and within 30 days for J-1 Students)

J-1 students have additional restrictions, so any transfer plans must be discussed with an OGS adviser.


Submit an "F-1 SEVIS Transfer Out" or "J-1 SEVIS Transfer Out" request within the ISSS Portal along with the following documents:

  • Admission letter from another United States institution
  • Copy of your new school’s transfer form (if applicable)
    • Processing times for this request are two business days. Please submit your complete request to OGS at least two business days prior to your desired transfer date.

Current IIT students ONLY: Withdraw your academic record online through the MyIIT portal—look for the “Academic Affairs Channel” under the Academics tab.

Report to the international office at the new school and notify them that you should be issued a “Transfer Pending” I-20 with the same SEVIS ID number or a transfer DS-2019.