Policy No. A. 7.00

Date of Issue 7/2/2014


The official personnel file of each employee is maintained by Human Resources. Contents of such records are kept in strict confidence with review available only to:

  • The employee, upon request through Human Resources,
  • The current supervisor of the employee or prospective supervisors in cases of transfer consideration,
  • Human Resources personnel, and
  • Others in accordance with law or for purposes of conducting an authorized investigation of an employment-related matter.


Documents in the official personnel file include, but are not limited to:

  • Application, resume, offer letter, contract;
  • Payroll forms, tax forms;
  • Performance documents; and
  • Training documents, licenses, certifications.


A current or former employee who wishes to see his/her file should contact Human Resources. If the request is made to a supervisor, the employee should be referred to Human Resources.


Human Resources will comply with a request to review personnel records in accordance with applicable State law.