Human Resources

A.5 New Employee Orientation

Policy No. A. 5.00

Date of Issue 7/2/2014


Human Resources is responsible for coordinating and implementing the New Employee Orientation Program, which will be offered at least twice a year. This provides an introduction to the university’s history, organizational structure, initiatives, academic programs and enrollment, and student-service focus. It also addresses personnel policies and procedures, employee benefits and other services, and safety/security on campus. Department heads and supervisors are expected to allow new staff to attend orientation.


Each department is responsible for the orientation of new employees in its area. The topics below are examples on which a new employee should receive orientation.

  1. Objective and purpose of the department.
  2. Organization of the department.
  3. Departmental policies and procedures including: Working hours,
    Timesheet authorization procedure,
    Lunch and break schedules,
    Overtime opportunities or requirements,
    Dress code or uniform requirements,
    Scheduling time off,
    Written job description,
    Performance standards / expectations for performance appraisal,
    Problem-solving mechanisms within the department,
    Safety / security procedures, location of emergency equipment, and
    Reporting of work-related injuries or illness.
  4. Introduction to co-workers, faculty and students.
  5. Designation of departmental mentors / trainers responsible for orienting to the job duties.