Human Resources

A.6 Employment of Relatives

Policy No. A. 6.00

Date of Issue 7/2/2014


The university will employ an immediate family member and/or relative of an employee provided the individual is the best qualified candidate for employment. However, the hired relative will not be assigned work which permits one of the relatives to direct, review or evaluate the work of the other, or which permits one to, in any way, affect the terms and conditions of employment of the other.


If one employee marries or enters into an intimate relationship with another employee, both may retain their positions so long as one is not under the direct or indirect supervision of the other and neither occupies a position of influence over the other’s employment, evaluation, promotion, compensation or any other personnel-related consideration.


For purposes of this policy, immediate family members are: parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, spouses, domestic or civil union partners, children, in-laws or other person whose relationship is in loco parentis to the employee.