F-1/J-1 Student

Effective September 3, 2022, the International Center will not be accepting paper form requests anymore. Moving forward, students will be required to use the ISSS Portal as the one stop location to submit all I-20 and DS-2019 requests to the International Center, for all F-1 and J-1 student requests.

ISSS Portal 

  • The electronic I-20 (PDF) will be available for F-1 students to download directly in the portal once their request has been completed.
  • The DS-2019 form for J-1 students and scholars is currently not authorized for electronic transmission and will continue to be printed for pickup.

Please refer below for the specific names of requests possible to submit in the ISSS Portal and any valid forms still used by our office.

Learn how to navigate and use the ISSS Portal by watching our recording for students: https://tinyurl.com/ISSSPortalDemo

Maintaining Status

  • F-1 Maintaining Status requests in ISSS Portal:
    • F-1 Program Extension
    • F-1 Reduced Course Load
    • Leave of Absence/Withdrawal
    • F-1 SEVIS Transfer Out
    • F-2 Dependent Request
    • Reprint I-20
  • J-1 Maintaining Status requests in ISSS Portal:
    • J-1 Program Extension
    • J-1 Reduced Course Load
    • Leave of Absence/Withdrawal
    • J-1 SEVIS Transfer Out
    • J-2 Dependent Request
    • Reprint DS-2019 for J-1


Transferring Into Illinois Institute of Technology


J-1 Scholar

Financial and Taxes