Access Illinois Tech

Illinois Tech's  Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform is powered by Okta. Identity and Access Management is a method of establishing processes, policies, and tools for controlling access to critical information within an organization. Access Illinois Tech is a gateway to securely access our applications, such as Google Workspace, Blackboard, Zoom, Papercut, Salesforce, and much more.

Page Links

  1. Activating Access Illinois Tech
    • How to set up your account
    • How to set up multifactor authentication (MFA) options
    • How to add and change your MFA options
  2. Using Multifactor Authentication to Log In
  3. Password Management
  4. Switching Between Your University Gmail Accounts (when you have more than one email address)

What does the Access Illinois Tech Login page look like?

You can reach Access Illinois Tech by visiting This page will redirect you to, as Access Illinois Tech is powered by Okta. The login page will look like this:

Access Illinois Tech Login

What will I see when I log into Access Illinois Tech?

All web-based applications are in Access Illinois Tech. You will see a customizable dashboard (see below for an example) on which you can add sections and arrange the applications in a way that best suits your needs. The applications you see on your dashboard will depend on your role at the university and what permissions you have.

Access Illinois Tech

Customizing Your Dashboard

Your Access Illinois Tech application dashboard is unique to you. You can reorder your applications to fit your work or study style—drag them around and put them in separate sections or let the application dynamically reorder them for you based on which apps you use most frequently.