File Migration

What files and data will and won't migrate.

What will Migrate: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides

OTS will migrate your Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to Microsoft 365. 

Google’s proprietary formats aren’t compatible with anything other than a Google Workspace Drive. When migrating from google Workspace, files will be converted to their equivalent Microsoft Office format: 

.gdoc → .docx (Word) 

.gsheet → .xlsx (Excel) 

.gslide → .pptx (PowerPoint) 

However, we have identified the following interventions that users will need to take to ensure documents look and behave the same way they did before the migration. 

Student Email  

The Gmail Inbox of current students will be migrated into Outlook. 

Students who graduated in Spring 2024 and will graduate in Fall 2024 will be migrated by December 2024 as well.


The “Created” date of files migrated into Microsoft will reflect the date the file was migrated from Google. However, the “Modified” date will remain accurate. 

Hyperlinks to other Google Docs  

If your Google Doc, Sheet, or Slides contain hyperlinks to other documents in your Google Drive, these will need to be changed to the new document’s location in OneDrive or SharePoint. 

Below is an example of a Google Doc that contains a link to a Google Sheet with more data. When OTS migrates the document to OneDrive or SharePoint, the link will not be changed, and will continue to link back to Google:

Migration: Users will need to open the migrated document and edit the hyperlink to point to the appropriate document in OneDrive or SharePoint.

Google Shared Drives   

The contents of Shared Drives will be migrated. To learn more, visit: Google Shared Drives - Migration

Google Calendar - Students   

Calendars in student Google accounts will be migrated.  

What will not migrate   

In Google Drive & Shared Drives   

Sharing Permissions   

Sharing permissions for Google drives, folders, and files cannot be migrated by OTS. Users will need to re-share files with other users after the migration as needed.  

OTS can assist users with recreating sharing permissions for their department based on OTS data security best practices.

Shortcut Files   

Shortcut files in Google Drive cannot be migrated by OTS.  

Files Size Limit   

Microsoft 365 supports files up to 250GB in size, but the migration tool can only handle files under 15GB. Therefore, OTS cannot migrate files equal to, or larger than, 15GB. To migrate files over this size, individuals should download them from Google Drive and upload them in OneDrive 

Google Calendar - Faculty / Staff   

Faculty and Staff accounts will not have their Google Calendar migrated.  

Google Drawings   

Google Drawings cannot be migrated by OTS.  

Google Forms   

At this time, Google Forms cannot be migrated by OTS. We have created the following guide to manually convert Google Forms to Microsoft Forms: Converting Google Forms to Microsoft Forms  

Google Maps data   

Google Maps data cannot be migrated by OTS.  

Google Photos   

Google Photos cannot be migrated by OTS. We have identified two methods of exporting your Google Photos. Both are explained here: Migrating Google Photo Library  


Google Sites   

Google Sites cannot be automatically migrated, as there is no Microsoft equivalent to this product.