Google to Microsoft 365

Why the Move?

The era of 'low-cost' or 'no-cost' online file storage has ended. Both Google and Microsoft have made significant changes to their online storage cost models for higher education institutions, including Illinois Tech.

Google historically offered educational institutions free and unlimited storage. This changed in 2022 when Google unilaterally changed their terms and conditions. It is no longer free, and the expense scales with usage. For a university with ambitious growth plans, goals to expand in the global market along substantial storage needs, the cost is significant. Further, Google expenses are duplicative of the university’s existing and ongoing enterprise relationship with Microsoft.

Beginning Jan 2023, OTS asked community members to move Google Drive contents to Microsoft 365 environment to reduce our storage consumption. After carefully considering cost, security, scalability, capabilities, and complexity, we have made the difficult decision to transition to a feature rich platform by phasing out of Google to Microsoft 365. As part of this move, we will also transition our Alumni population to an email forwarding service to stay connected with Illinois Tech.

What is Changing?

We will be moving from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. The Microsoft environment will become our new platform for email, scheduling, collaboration, and much more.

  • Email and calendar features will move to Microsoft to fully utilize the Microsoft 356 suite
  • Google Drive content will be moved to OneDrive and Team drives
  • Email domain will reflect our new identity as Illinois Tech

Moving to Microsoft 365

  • Microsoft Outlook will be used as the native email platform instead of Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook will replace Google calendar functions
  • Microsoft OneDrive will replace Google Drive
  • Microsoft Teams will replace Google Shared Drive

Email Domain Changes: From and to

  • In conjunction with rebranding to Illinois Tech a universal email domain across all colleges will be enabled
  • All students will use the domain
  • All faculty and staff will use the domain
  • Your usernames (the part before the @ symbol) will remain the same
  • You will continue to receive email on your or Sending will be restricted to domain only

Storage Quotas

  • Given the storage limitations, quotas will be enforced on all accounts
  • A process is being developed to request additional storage based on the business use case which will be communicated to the user community in advance of the enforcement of quotas
  • We are still determining quotas due to the changes Microsoft enforced with storage caps. We will inform users of the storage quotas a later date

Implementation Timeline

The Implementation timeline may change, should that happen we will update the community if it does and make updates here.

  • 7/2/2024 - Alumni email forwarding service enabled
  • 8/2/2024 - Alumni email accounts suspension
  • 12/27/2024 - Email functionality will be conducted from Microsoft 365 from this date forward. 
  • 4/15/2025 - Illinois Tech will fully migrate to Microsoft 365 

Training and Support

OTS is committed to providing the necessary support and training throughout this transition. Hence, we are partnering with the Center for Learning and Innovation, Academic Technology Services, and Paul V. Galvin Library to offer training. Check back here for more information and answers to frequently asked questions!

How Can I Prepare?

For active students/faculty and staff there is nothing you need to do right now, but here are some things you can do that will make the transition easier when the time comes.

  1. Access: Make sure you can access the Microsoft 365 office portal app from
  2. Get acquainted with Microsoft 365: Current students, faculty, and staff have access to most of the applications in Microsoft 365. You can use the apps online or download the software to your devices.
  3. Preview training materials:
  4. Clean up your files: Delete what you do not need from Google, and you will have a cleaner fresh start in Microsoft.
  5. Please reference overview of changes and impact

For Alumni and our recently graduated students please see overview of changes and impact