iTunes U is a part of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, language lessons, audiobooks, and more, that you can enjoy on your iPod, iPhone, Mac or PC. Explore over 350,000 educational audio and video files from top universities, museums and public media organizations worldwide.

iTunes U provides everything an instructor needs to bring the classroom together on iPad—build lessons with apps and your materials, collect and grade assignments, start class discussions or talk with students to answer questions and provide feedback. iTunes U also allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to learn from a large collection of free education content in public courses from leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions.


  • Plan lessons, grade assignments, and stay connected—right from your iPad
  • Add your teaching materials—including worksheets, links, photos, and videos from a variety of document providers
  • Engage every learner using apps, books, videos, podcasts and more
  • Add instructions or comments to PDFs and photos with built-in annotation tools
  • See when students have viewed or completed assignments and remind them of due assignments
  • Use the single-student view for individual attention at parent-teacher conferences
  • Answer questions and provide video feedback or start class debates using group discussions
  • Institutions using Apple School Manager and Managed Apple IDs can import rosters to streamline course creation
  • Teachers affiliated with qualified institutions can publish courses to the iTunes U catalog for anyone to view for free on iOS devices


  • View assignments and updates in one place, and check off assignments you complete
  • Submit your work in private courses from other apps, or as annotated PDFs and photos
  • Open audio or video files directly in other apps
  • Ask instructors questions or get feedback in 1:1 messages
  • Start or join group discussions with your class
  • View your grades and instructor feedback on all past assignments

Privacy: iTunes U stores information about your activity in the app, such as materials you upload. To improve the app, iTunes U collects non-personally identifiable information related to app usage and browsing history of public content. Data is retained until an action is taken to remove it by any of the means provided.