Application Xtender

What is ApplicationXtender

ApplicationXtender is Illinois Tech’s document imaging system. ApplicationXtender, hereafter referred to as Xtender”, enables users to query, create, index, and annotate electronic documents in a variety of formats for subsequent retrieval.

  • Scan documents to create new documents, add to existing documents, or batches. Scanning in Xtender requires the installation of the “Captiva Cloud Toolkit” software. If needed, please ask you LAN Admin to install Captiva Cloud Toolkit
  • Add/Import electronic files to Xtender as individual documents, batches, and individual pages.
  • Index documents by specifying information in the application-specific index fields, Indexing enables you to organize, search, and retrieve documents efficiently.
  • Retrieve documents through queries by using various search methods.
  • Attach annotations or redactions to highlight important information, comment on the contents of the page, or block areas of the page from view.

How to Access

Application Xtender access is available directly through Banner or Banner Self Service. If you want to explore using Xtender for your department, please contact the support desk to request access.

Xtender User Guide

Digital Imaging Policy

Departments who use Xtender must adhere to the digital imaging policy for the university. This can be found on the General Counsel's website here:

Who Manages ApplicationXtender

The Office of Technology Services supports the maintenance of the ApplicationXtender system.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any support requests.

Appropriate Functional Use

The use of the ApplicationXtender is anyone who wants eliminate paper and retain documentation in the system of record associated with faculty, staff, and student records or financial documents.