What is FootPrints

FootPrints is a web-based service desk application from BMC used to record and track support and customer service requests for various departments across Illinois Institute of Technology. The Illinois Tech implementation of FootPrints includes workspaces and teams for several departments. Each workspace can be configured for specific workflows and processes. Workspaces may accept issues via email, web form, or direct entry. Agents and workspace administrators can open, edit, and close issues, send email, and process basic searches and reports on those issues.

We currently do not charge a department to obtain a workspace. Only university staff offices are eligible to request a FootPrints workspace.

We recommend that you do not store sensitive data (e.g., Social Security numbers, passwords, credit card numbers, and HIPAA-protected information) in FootPrints.

Who Manages Footprints and Workspaces

The Support Desk is ultimately responsible for ticket management within the Illinois Tech Support workspace. The Support Desk Manager is the person primarily responsible for all workspaces within FootPrints.

Each workspace must have a workspace owner who is ultimately responsible for management and oversight, content of issues, and agent access. Additionally, workspace workflow and configurations are set up by one or two workspace administrators.

Use the CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK box on this screen for support requests.

Appropriate Functional Use

Appropriate and expected uses include recording and tracking information technology (IT) support contacts and requests, customer service requests, and ITIL-related processes such as change management and problem management.

Inappropriate uses include project management, student and employee recruitment, management of activities outside the university community, or tracking contacts for promotional activities.

External entities (non-Illinois Tech) and student organizations are not eligible for projects or accounts.