Google Workspace

What is Google Workspace

Google Workspace is Illinois Institute of Technology's suite of cloud-computing productivity and collaboration software tools and software provided by Google. It includes among other apps, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Google Plus(+), Google Calendar, and Google Docs.

Who Manages Google Workspace

Google Workspace is supported internally at Illinois Tech by the Office of Technology Services as advised by the Google Workspace Advisory Committee. In addition to our internal support, we have 24X7 support coverage from Google Support.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any support requests.

Appropriate Functional Use

Google Workspace is leveraged for email, calender, document sharing, document storage and instant messaging capabilities. Google provides access to the Google Workspace Learning Center that provides an array of training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources.

Transferring Files to M365 Or Another Service

Please click here for instructions on moving content from Google to another service.

Sort Gmail by Size

Why Sort Your Gmail Emails By Size

Emails with large attachments can quickly eat up your Gmail inbox space. Over time, you may no longer need these attachments, but the emails become buried in a growing inbox and are hard to find. The best practice: sort Gmail by file size to uncover your biggest storage hogs and delete them once and for all.

Learning how to sort Gmail by size is easy and simple to do. It follows a similar process you use to sort Gmail by sender or sort Gmail by date, subject, or name.

And, as with any time you need to sort emails in Gmail, you can also enlist the help of tools like Clean Email for faster, automatic cleanup. Let’s look at the specific steps to take.

How to Sort Gmail By Size

You can sort emails directly in your inbox using the Search Mail feature.

  1. Log into your Gmail account and go to your inbox.
  2. Ensure the Primary tab is selected (this is your main inbox).
  3. Go to the Search Mail bar and click the dropdown arrow to open the filter options.
  4. Using the Size option, select Greater Than or Less Than, then specify the file size. If you’re looking for large attachments, you will likely use the Greater Than option.
  5. Click the blue Search button.
  6. The results will automatically be displayed.

There are lots of other ways to sort mail in Gmail.

Sort Gmail by Size: Looking for Large Files

Large files can take up valuable space in your Gmail account. While sometimes you may need to keep these files, other times you can get rid of them and clear up precious space.

Finding the large files in your inbox can take some searching. If you have an idea as to the file size you’d like to find, you can use a simple search function to filter only those emails.

  1. Log into your Gmail account and open your inbox.
  2. Go to the Search Mail bar and type size:[file size]. For example, if you want to find all emails greater than 5 MB, you can type the following: size:5000000. The size you type will be in bytes.
  3. Another option is to search for a range of file sizes using a function. Using the search bar, you can type the following: larger_than:XMB smaller_than:YMB. In this function, you can replace the X and Y with the desired number range.
  4. Click Enter.

FAQs on How to Sort Gmail by Size

Can I Sort my Gmail by Size?

Use the search mail bar at the top of your inbox. Type in the file size if you know it or use the dropdown arrow to locate the filter option.

How do I Filter Emails by Size?

In Gmail, you can use the search mail bar to input the file size. Type the following function: has:attachment size: [file size] in the bar, specifying it in MB.

How do I Delete Large Emails in Gmail?

You can sort Gmail emails by size using the search mail bar. Click the dropdown arrow in the bar, then use the Size option to search for emails greater than a specific file size.