What is EMS

EMS Campus™ offers the functionality Illinois Tech's academic and event schedulers, with seamless integrations with Banner Student Information System to support and leverage existing investments and technology infrastructure. EMS was upgraded to V44.1.33.2 in spring 2020 for the campus.

Academic Scheduling

EMS allows the Registrar's Office to manage all classes, final exams, departmental meetings, and other events within your classrooms. Capabilities include:

  • Creating and testing multiple course and room optimization scenarios
  • Scheduling classrooms according to customizable attributes and preferences
  • Bulk scheduling of hundreds and even thousands of course sections with our Optimization tool
  • Capturing and accommodating departmental, instructor, and other preferences via the web based Campus Planning Interface (CPI)
  • Providing reports on the data specific to academic schedulers
  • Allowing full, bidirectional integration to Banner student information systems (SIS)

Event Scheduling

Events Scheduling is used by Event Services to assist departments and external clients with planning a departmental meeting, a VIP executive luncheon with major donors, or the next televised Presidential debate, EMS Campus manages it with rich features including:

  • A highly configurable, web-based request process that captures mandatory event details
  • Full-service conference and event management, including workflows for the coordination of departments
  • Safety-net email processes for reservation requesters, service providers, and others that confirm details or changes
  • Easy tracking and reporting of all event-related finances and contracts

How to Access EMS

  • EMS Access
  • Need a user account: Access to EMS is provisioned by the Event Services department. If you need access to EMS, you can submit a request here: events@iit.edu.

User Guide

Who Manages BuyIt

The Office of Technology Services supports the maintenance and support of the EMS system along with the Event Services and Registrar departments.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any support requests.

Appropriate Functional Use

Users who are interested in booking meeting space on campus for department activities, student organizations, or external clients.