What is Qualtrics?

Qualtrics is a cloud-based platform for creating and distributing web-based surveys. It can be used on any internet-connected computer. Illinois Tech has an enterprise agreement for this tool for research surveys, as well as for course evaluations.

How to Access

Log into the MyIIT Portal to access Qualtrics, located on the Work Tab, under the Enterprise Tools channel here:

Qualtrics in portal

Why Use Qualtrics

  • Widely used for academic research and market research.
  • Large array of question types, including "basic" types (multiple choice, text, sliders) and specific types (heat maps, constant sums, timers, file attachments).
  • Highly customizable survey appearance.
  • Multiple sharing settings make it easy to collaborate with colleagues on surveys.
  • Advanced conditional logic tools allow for complex experimental designs and user-tailored survey paths.
  • Ability to translate a survey to multiple languages.
  • Ability to add scoring to a survey; can be used to create quizzes for courses or compute subscale scores on psychometric questionnaires.
  • Built-in email distribution capabilities; can send reminder emails to non-responders and thank-you emails to responders.
  • Ability to export data as an SPSS data file (*.sav), comma-delimited file (*.csv), text file (*.txt), HTML, or XML.

Many pay-only features of other commercial survey softwares are available automatically to Illinois Tech users.

Who Manages Qualtrics

The Office of Technology Services supports the maintenance of the Qualtrics system along with the Center for Learning and Innovation as well as the Center for Research and Service.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any issues accessing Qualtrics.

Contact Center for Learning and Innovation directly at 312.567.3460 or cli@iit.edu with any questions about the use of the system for course evaluations.

Contact the Center for Research and Service directly at 312.567.6471 or center@iit.edu with any questions about the use of the system for research surveys.

If you need assistance using Qualtrics, you can go to the Qualtrics Support Community.

Appropriate Functional Use

The use of the Qualtrics is for faculty and staff for conducting research surveys.